Weddings , Handfasting & Sacred Affairs

I am an ordained minister through the American fellowship church. As I reside in the state of Florida we do not need to be registered with the state to perform the ceremony. I am willing to travel under the right circumstances but will require enough notice to ensure your marriage license will be honored with my Ordainment. I offer my services for your beach themed wedding, or any local venue to Melbourne.

My service is written for your taste and style and can be traditional or incorporate pagan or other spiritual practices into your special day. Samples are included below.


Pricing varies by distance and locations however the base price for local events (40-mile radius from Melbourne) is $350. Contact me below to schedule, and for pricing.

This beautiful venue is located in Ft Pierce. Called the Lake house, it was a romantic and whimsical place. This couple I'm sure has many blessed years ahead. I not only know this intuitively, they also happen to be beloved friends.

Laughter on your wedding day is as lucky as rain. May we all be so joyful on our special day.

The ribbon pictured is the ceremony of handfasting. It is joined later in the service.


Handfasting can be performed in place of a ceremony or in addition to. it is a beautiful symbol of the emotional bonding and friendship in a union. This is the bond that will hold a union together through time. It must be nurtured and built.



These are the hands of your best friend. They are young and strong and full of love for each other. They hold and steady you on your wedding day as you promise your devotion and commitment.. today, tomorrow, and forever. These are the hands that will give you strength when you need it and lastly these are the hands that when wrinkled and aged with time, will still reach for yours. From this day forward you are connected as equals on your journey of life together. Facing each new season together as it comes. Now and eternally joined in love, commitment, light, and happiness. 


Sample prayer - edited poem from the Pagen book of prayer


On this couple who stand before you, bestow blessings from the holy ones and divine pairs, that their union may be as strong as yours. Lasting through all ages….. may the blessings of all the world descend on this couple. May the blessings of earth, the blessings of sky, the blessings of moving oceans, and of the never still winds.  May the blessings continue from the people of stone and crystals bring blessings, the blessings of plants, blessings of animals, and the blessings of the footless ones from all those who dwell on the earth, in it, and above it. Many blessings flow that there may be exceptional love. 


She felt him and drew him to herself, and he with newly opened eyes knew with clear sight his true fate. They with their hearts own wisdom knew that this love had surpassed all expectations….. They love,...... they will love,...... They will have loved…….. Blessings bestowed on love… and all who love. Blessings from all beings who represent and build through love.