I am a 20 + year veteran energy worker and weaver of light energy.  I began my work in 2003 and have studied various forms of energy as well as techniques. With the long-term experience and communication from spirit I have developed my own blend of reading style and energy healing tailored for your current need. I call this intuitive vibrational healing. All sources of imbalance in life are in vibration and its alignments.  I work in all areas of focus from medical relief, channeling, stress relief, self-care, trauma release, emotional cleansing and defragmenting, and more.

Check out the services below. You can book select services online with me or with any of the other wonderful co-creators listed on the booking page for Essential Elements. 

** All services are for entertainment purposes only and do not replace medical care**

Pay particular attention to the book now or contact listing with the service you choose. Some require contact and special considerations. All sessions are subject to change but are avoided at all costs. In climate weather, illness, and other nonavoidable circumstances are possibilities.

What do I Choose? 

There are many options to choose from. SO how do you know what to pick? Simple way to decide is to ask yourself am I in my head about the problem? do I need to see the reason? That's a reading or information-based service to choose from. In this case a reading is best. if you are just feeling off and don't care why you just want it resolved I suggest you pick an energy based service. Simply put is the issue in the head or the body? This should direct your choice.

REiki healing blended with other types of energy work, channeled guides, ascended masters, angels and more. Heal and restore the mind body spirit connections

Energy Healing

My favorite and preference of all the services I offer is energy work. I call it this because I have blended so many different parts of the standard techniques out there into my own blend of energy therapy. I integrate them together for a seamless shift to your vibration and energy body. As all things are sourced in vibration working in the energy field to make micro adjustments is exceptionally helpful to redirect your field toward peaceful thought and life. This service is a blend of meditation which I channel specific to your needs and goals. (There is a brief consult in the beginning to assess) You sink down into a space of reception and relaxation to allow yourself the space to refill your spirit and to realign the vibrational patterns of the body. This process allows shifting in the quantum field and can range from basic stress reduction to trauma release & everything in between.

session length 1 1/4 hour. $150 USD

alternative therapy using energy and reiki to align the physical body. It is a blended version of light touch .

Energy Alignment

An energy alignment is a blend of techniques that use vibration & energy to realign the physical spine. The original technique is called light touch & was a required piece of my CNHP certifications. I have blended this technique and now add various myofascial release techniques, and the elements of reiki for extended results. This service focuses on relieving stress from the physical body and has been known to affect the C1/ atlas connection as well as the tailbone and lower lumbar. This is not chiropractic or medical and works via distance. Please use the 1/2-hour session options to book this online. Use the "what to know" section to indicate you want an alignment and include your number or method of contact for distance. 

session is apx. 30-45 minutes $75 USD

reflexology service offered in melbourne florida. Using traditional techniques and energy movement to heal the body and clear organ function by cleansing the meridians.

Reflexology (energy)

Reflexology is a practice of touching the energy of a person through the feet and hands. It works by connecting the energy meridians and pathways in the body. It utilizes the nerve endings to send vibration into specific parts of the body that have mapped locations on the feet and hands. it is noninvasive and low/ no pressure involved. It is great for tired feet and general relaxation.

*Use the 1 hour energy session to book * *Please specify reflexology in things to know *This service is in person only *

Pricing for 1 hour is $150. 

pyschic reading, holistic coaching, guidance, spiritual advice

Readings - Intuitive consult

A reading is a time-based consultation that can include cards, past life experiences, vibrational misalignments, medical medium, current life experiences / clarity on their navigation, business advice, ancestral blocks, mediumship, and so much more. If you need information, I will do my best to access spirits wisdom. Most readings are geared toward self-development and personal growth. I do not fortune tell or operate in lower frequency practices. Readings are offered in person or Distance with phone, zoom, or messenger. Please use the "what to know" to specify any specific requests. 

  I offer 2 reading time variants.

1/2 hr current price $75 USD

1 hr current price $125 USD

channeling, mystical service, talk to

Channeled Message

Channeled messages are connection with a being of light or ascended master. I step into a trace state and integrate my field to open communication. I only work with high frequencies and do not channel loved ones or passed humans. Information can be derived but is not direct contact. These are the same format as a reading and scheduled with the same options. on the booking page.

*Please use the things to know to make your preference known*

1/2 hr current price $75 USD

1 hr current price $125 USD


herbal alternative health program

Health Assessment

 In order to achieve results with use of herbs you must commit to a program. I offer a short or long term options. This program will help you identify your health goals and specific needs. Are you feeling low energy, wanting to loose weight, or just restore your vitality?

Results are derived from intuition and applied kinesiology. (Muscle testing) This is not a medical program and does not replace medical care. Program includes detox program, vitamin program, organ function, herbal support program, food sensitivities, and identifies areas of energetic blockage.

We meet every other week either in person or via phone. 20-30 min We discuss results and needs as well as plan of action. By choosing this service you are taking full responsibility for your health and for and following advice given.

Herbs are not included in the pricing. 

3 mo. program $900

6 mo. program $1700 

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I Work with a Team of Gifted Practitioners & Educators.

Please check out the services and classes offered by my cocreators at Essential Elements Wellness. I offer a great many services and specialize in many things, but if I'm not the right fit, or you would like to see other options please use the link to the bio and booking pages of Essential Elements Wellness. They are all ethical and talented in their own rite. Please use the link offered to check out other options. 

House Clearing & Exorcisms

There are many other energies present in our world that if inflicted will require different skill and energy specialty. These beings feed on your fear and scheduling these services is situation specific. Please follow the link to gain more information in these services and related pricing.