Angelene Clark is an Intuitive Healer (or Psychic Healer) as well as a business development professional. She incorporates multiple healing modalities and quantum understanding into spiritual learning programs, business building, and intuitive - healing services. 

     She is a nondenominational intuitive practitioner that incorporates real world knowledge and spiritual principals into a fluid blend of functional practice that can help you create the life you desire, and to grow into the optimal version of yourself.

     Angelene has a vast amount of training and 20+ years of experience in the healing community. She completed the certified natural health professionals program of Warsaw IN. (Now known as Trinity school of natural healing.) She has earned certifications in Iridology, N.E.A.T, Emotional Release, Light Touch, Reflexology, Bach Flower, Jin Shin Jytsu, and Kinesiology. Her Family Herbalist certification was achieved thru Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing. Angelene has earned master level Reiki practitioner thru private study in traditional Reiki School. She has also achieved Master level Kundalini Reiki and Imara Reiki, along with numerous training sessions in related energy techniques. With this vast experience, she has developed her own blends of understanding and energy movement as well as those that she has received through her work with spirit. 

     The classes and learning opportunities are a blend of personal experiences and energy techniques she has developed to create a practical learning systems. Designed to advance your opportunities in life as well as growing a deep understanding and connection to who you truly are. The version of you that is waiting to thrive in this life is just waiting to be discovered. 

     The business building programs were created to align a real world understanding of spiritual principals and quantum alignment to thrive in business culture and corporate organizations.

     Healing Sessions are tailored for your current needs. They can include traditional, imara, or kundalini reiki, jin shin jytsu, mediation, past life regression, emotional balancing, physical body alignment, chakra clearing, codes, sacred geometry, cranial sacral, facial release, DNA unthreading, attunements. What is intuitive vibrational healing? It is a simple process of letting the intuition guide you in your process of shifting reality through change in vibrations. This applies to all forms of healing as all are rooted in vibration and quantum truths.

     Angelene also provides psychic readings & intuitive guidance, Channeled messages from beings of light, mediumship, spiritual guidance, and training for fellow healers, exorcists, and lightworkers. She reads like a healer and topics are geared toward self development and situational awareness to mindfully choose the outcomes and how to direct energy toward it. 

Why choose me?

The short and simple answer is that I care about your progress and success. All learning and growth opportunities we face and accept help to acquire a new version of who we are meant to be. I take my role as guide and mentor with the utmost regard, and only operate in ethical practices. My goal is to respect you and your needs with the services or programs you choose. 


To get in touch for questions or discuss any business needs or bookings, please fill out the contact form below. If you are looking to book a speaking or teaching event, please fill out with details of needs and dates requested for the most efficient response. Expect a response within 48 hours or sooner. If you do not resend the request. 

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