The Creation Blueprint and Project

Nondenominational, ethical, dynamic approach to incorporating quantum physics and spirituality. Integrating the mind body spirit truths into a functional model for life and business cultures. When we remap the internal universe of our beliefs the external expression has no choice but to match that vibration into a new reality. 

““Angie has helped me tremendously throughout my journey. I’m a professional psychic medium, and she has helped me both personally and professionally. Accurate, kind, professional. She pulls from a depth of wisdom and uses her expertise to heal, help, unblock, and connect. I’ve used all her services and I keep coming back. Thank you, dear Angie. You are so appreciated!””

— Barbara W

Services, Events & Programs

Readings & Energy Work

I offer a variety of services in the healing arts. Click this link to explore the sessions available and to book yours today

Mentorship & Classes

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Corporate & Business Program

Explore the programs available to work in the development of your business culture and resources to develop your business.

About me

I am an experienced, nondenominational, and ethical practitioner in self-development and metaphysics. Beginning my own growth and professional journey in 2003, I have built my own knowledge base through practice as well as study. I am honored have to worked with clients from all walks of life around the world. My clients range from those beginning to heal, the search for guidance or direction, corporations and executives seeking growth withing their organizations, and training experienced practitioners in advancing their skills and businesses. My approach is a blending of spiritual beliefs that coincide with physics and quantum mechanics. The mind, body, and spirit all play integral roles in your version of healthy, wealthy, and wise.  Let's use spirituality and its quantum truths to build and secure the life of your dreams. 

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