Classes & Learning Opportunities

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Would you like to work with me and sharpen your energy skills? This program is for you. I offer a package of discounted sessions just for you to learn. It consists of 5 sessions of 45 minutes where we discuss what's happened and the next course of action. It is tailored to help you in the place where you are. One on one It offers us the ability to focus on your specific needs and areas of concern.  We create your growth plan and work together to execute it. This plan will be strategized on the first session and will be 1/2 of it. Please come prepared with a list of goals, and a go getter attitude. The more prepared you are for sessions the better to maximize your time. gather questions, want to knows, and stay focused. The more we can cover the more you gain. Please be realistic that this skill is a muscle and takes time to get stronger. your questions should be geared toward "how do I exercise it." 

This can be used for any of the types of energy packages offer. All session must be used by 1 calendar year of date of purchase and are only specific to mentoring.  You may book weekly, biweekly, or randomly as you need. This is flexible to your area of practice. 

Energy Attunement

I do not teach any of the formal energy methods other than the one that I have formulated. As this is a blended type of practice it is also a little loose in teaching instruction. Not everyone needs 4 attunements. If you are experienced and just want to advance to a higher energy flow, It can be one. We will assess your needs in a quick consult, but if you are very new or just beginning expect to need more attunements. These are spread out over time and best fully integrated with practice before gaining a new level. This is important for a few reasons.  The body itself needs time to adjust to new frequencies. there will be body change. The mind needs to practice the skills and gain awareness as well as confidence, and the spirit needs space to grow and remember itself in this stage for the most comfortable growth.  You will advance quickly as long as you are using it and possibly limit the attunements if you grow on your own.  Each step begins with an attunement. I do not believe in back-to-back. (You can't expand enough in 1 weekend)

Session will be 2.5 -3 hours. You will Gain instructions on what you are receiving, What to expect now, how to use it, who is working with you / how to identify what you are sensing, & why your vibration & intention matter in this phase.

Instruction &  Energy attunement. 

Attunements are $300 USD

Coaching Program 

Introducing the 6 week or month coaching program. This service is for those looking to build their life, business, or spiritual connection to themselves. The topic of growth is your choice, but we will work through a series of 6 sessions to keep you focused and accountable or work together to help you discover a direction to develop.