Exorcism & Home Cleansing

This is the least favorite part of my job, but when called I always answer. i have been called to perform and teach exorcism work to my fellow healers. Since this page isn't the easiest to access you were either meant to find it or someone has referred you. in which case I'm happy to do my part to help. Below are the services 

House & Property Clearing 

This service Is typically a one-time need. Once a place is rebalanced energy wise the activity usually stops. This is more often residual energy or just a bad feeling than something serious. Through my many years of being called in for this type of thing I have seen more haunted people than places. this service most of the time has a sensitive attached to the activity. The person needs to be cleared more than the land.  If it is an actual activity, this can be a variety of beings from nature spirits to shadow beings. If you are feeling harsh energy or experiencing paranormal activity you can often do this yourself. Here is a link to watch a brief cleansing video. This will show you how. If activity persists reach out and I or a member of my team will get you scheduled for in person or distance clearing depending on the situation and availability of all involved. Keep the details vague and only to what is important. The information can get skewed, so we need to stay fact based to uncover the way to rebalance it most efficiently. Pricing varies but begins at $300 USD. will increase with severity or travel. This takes more time and energy than a simple clearing, and the cost reflects it. It might be the only energy I can handle for a few days which limits my ability to work outside of your project. You will have a solid quote before anything is done. We are ethical and only want you to be safe and happy in your environment. Please fill out the contact form and choose the appropriate responses for your problem.

Exorcism or Entity Removal

Many times, people believe they need an exorcism when they really just need a clearing. This level of intensity is not as common as you would think. Most of the time an energy session or reading will clear the issue. An exorcism is needed when you are losing time and can't remember things, black out angry, intense areas of addiction, or abuse. For some it is a terrifying encounter or series of them. From experience in this field more often than not it is more psychological than you think. Universal law says nothing has control over you unless you freely give it. This can be given through being tricked and a whole side bar of reasons, but the underlying is permission was granted somehow. It typically takes one session but can take a short period of time and intense work to realign your field without the being causing trouble. The longer you have had it the longer it might take to be completely clear. You will be significantly better after the main exorcism, but if residual exists, we work with it until gone.  The only people I have been unable to help are those who are addicted to the drama, or feel important because of it. This is not fun or humorous. It is a very serious situation that requires you to never speak of it again as you can invite it back or another being that will try to assume its identity and pick up where the first left off. Please remember this as you seek my help. You will be required to let go of the story and wipe it from your stories in life. If you feel this is your needed service, please fill out the contact form below. Do not include all detail. Only include what is important such as frequency of issue, severity, level of fear, person affected. etc.

Learn Exorcism

Are you called to do this type of work. Some of us are and some are not. I have learned through experience and being called in for countless situations. Only a very small niche of us are capable of overriding our fears of denser beings (I will not call them evil). That is the number one skill required and is not optional.  I have no formal training. I get ill when trying to research this. My information comes from spirit and that is how I have learned. The names I use are not researched or formal identification. You will be gaining my impressions and experience.  I do not work like other paranormal or priests. Believe it or not this work takes more understanding in human psychology than anything else you will do. I do not ghost hunt or participate in invoking trouble.  I suggest you don't or stop because what you don't know can hurt you. This training is limited to experienced energy workers to increase their skill and potential need. I do not train the public or send people out with enough information to get hurt. Spirit picks those who are destined for it by horrifying experiences as children or young adults. It is usually something that you have or are currently dealing with when called. This is a one-on-one training session and typically lasts 2-3 hours depending on your understanding. Pricing starts at $400. You can add a mentor package to this if you feel the need for further coaching. Please use the contact form below to get scheduled. Please include best availability in the important details section for efficient communications. I look forward to helping you grow your skills and confidence. It is a needed field, but the most challenging of all the energy work. 

All of these services require direct contact.  The pricing is dependent upon the case, but you will always receive a quote prior to any service. These can be done in person or via distance. All of the services on this page are not dependent on location. I am willing to travel if the situation or circumstances call for it. Most often they do not. 

Please keep detail vague and only divuge whats critical. I need to feel and assess the situation outside of another psychic's opinion, or previous work attempted. 

Please choose an option from the above 3, so I know your need